I was at a Fourth of July party thrown by my friend Jim Wiginton. It was a fun outdoor bash (in the rain) with his co-workers, family and friends, many of which are Viet Nam veterans.  When Jim brought out this picture to show us, he told us that in 1967, while he was serving in Viet Nam, soldiers talked about a cat and monkey who could predict when an attack was about to begin.  The story went that just before a mortar attack; the cat would run to the monkey for protection.  Jim didn?t believe the story but found it interesting enough to remember it. 

When he eventually was sent to that Camp Radcliff- 1st Cav Division base camp at An Khe- South Vietnam, he was first shown a bunker where he should go in the event of mortar attack, and then to his tent.  He thought about the cat and monkey and found out that the monkey was tethered only about 100 yards from his tent. 

That night while trying to sleep, he heard someone yell ?There goes that F*ing cat? followed by lots of commotion in the camp and then the sound of mortar blasts.  Everyone ran to the bunker or other assigned posts except my friend Jim, who ran to see the cat and monkey.  That?s when he snapped this picture.  Sure enough, the cat (really a kitten) was being sheltered by the monkey.

This and other stories about the bravery of our soldiers in battle really touched me on a day when we celebrate the freedom we all enjoy.  Some of the tales were quite disturbing, some funny, and some heart-warming like this one.  What a poignant way to spend the Fourth of July! 


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